Buy bitcoin with only the press of a button!


The easiest and most convenient way to buy bitcoin. Say goodbye to complex exchange platforms and start paying with the PEY Wallet everywhere.


To start buying bitcoins all you need is a European bank account and to verify your identity. The verification process only takes 5 minutes through the usage of video validation. Once this is done, you are able to buy bitcoins with a 1% fee. For each purchase, we debit your bank account directly via SEPA Direct Debit so you don’t even have to worry about doing the transfer yourself!


PEY Payment Terminal

Be a pioneer:
Mobile payments in your business


With the PEY payment terminal you can accept payments from smartphones in an easy an elegant way.


The free PEY terminal lets you accept payments from your customer’s smartphone and receive them directly to your bank account. PEY is an excellent alternative to credit card payments and other cashless payment systems because the fees are lower and more transparent. As PEY’s partner you’ll be listed on our map in the PEY App so that new customers can quickly find their way to your business.


It's this easy!

Mobile payments:
Simple, fast and secure


PEY opens up new possibilities to pay at your favorite shops.


When you have the PEY App installed, you will get a notification as soon as you get close to a PEY payment terminal. This way you can start the payment process in seconds, without having to search your phone for the app. The sales person enters the amount on the terminal and generates a QR-Code. You then from which only need to scan it and confirm the purchase with your PIN. That’s it!

PEY is easy, fast and more secure than credit card payments!